The Future is Unknown

Any one who knows me would find it extremely strange that I would admit the fact that the future is unknown. I'm the queen of having a plan and being under control. When I used to hear the Corrie Ten Boom quote, "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.", I always thought it was talking about situations that don't apply me all the time. Maybe that quote is good when I am looking for summer plans or think about a career, but right now, I've got it. How wrong I was. This past Thursday, I got a text from my boyfriend saying that he was in the emergency room. After staying with him and his family for hours in the ER, they discharged him. All weekend I sat with him and tried to keep his mind off of the undiagnosed pain. Yesterday after work, I got a text that said he'd been diagnosed and that he was going into surgery immediately. Praise God that they diagnosed him. Praise God that he's healing just fine. And ultimately, praise God for teaching me the finite nature of my human mind. I'd like to think that the future is only unknown when I can't plan it out. But the future is always unknown. That's where the adventure begins.

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  1. He really does work all things out for the good. I'm forever reminding myself of that!


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