Getaway: Living Locally with Madison

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Madison from Telling Oceans.

This summer my husband and I are finding ourselves working quite a bit. With my job, internship, blogging, and some other part time work it has been hard to even take a weekend off of working. We love where we are at in life, but it always nice to have a change of scenery. Our solution to getting away on a super busy schedule is finding local things we can do on our days off.  the past week we have kayaked and canoed, sometimes we take advantage of hiking, other times it is a simple day trip to a different city. A good playlist is a must have for any fun trip, even if your getaway is just 30 minutes away.

How do you get away in your every day life?

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  1. Love Feist and Young the Giant! Two very good bands for hitting the road. This past weekend we went canoeing less than an hour away and it was definitely a nice refresher for the weekend - and we didn't even go far!

  2. Her blog is great! My boyfriend and I like to do nature getaways as well, although we have to venture a bit further since we live in NYC!


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