Looking Good: My Mary Kay Look

I just recently posted about how I work really hard not to "need" makeup. But that doesn't mean a girl can't enjoy getting a little dressed up. Influester sent me this adorable kit from Mary Kay and I thought it was a great opportunity to show you how I create a makeup look that says, "Wow, you're gorgeous" and not, "Wow, your makeup looks really good." There's a big difference.

The box that Influenster sent me was too cute not to capture.
They sent me a brush, lash primer, mascara, lipstick, and a cream shadow.
So how do I create my look?
I love my skin so I just use a powder to cover some of the shine.

Next, I add blush  to give my cheeks a little life.
(If I'm doing a pretty low-key look, I'll just add mascara and be done here.)

Last night, I dabbed on the cream shadow to give a little sparkle. It's a light violet called Violet Storm that was surprisingly natural.

I finish up with mascara, and since they gave me primer to try, I put on primer first.
My favorite part about the mascara was the brush. It was great at really separating my lashes which made the look all the more natural.

Because the rest of the look was so natural, I let my lips pop with a hot pink.
(I toned it down a little with a neutral gloss.)
I love this color so much that I've taken to wearing it on my makeup-free days just to add a little oomph.

My final step is brushing my eyebrows.
(You'd be surprised what a difference a brushed brow makes. Try it!)

Here's the final look!

I think I managed to keep my natural core and dress it up a bit. Thoughts? Tips? Tricks? Let me know!

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  1. You certainly know your makeup! I like the bright yet subtle lip color :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. Thank you for sharing that post!
    I usually don't put make up on, i feel like i don't need it as well and i do like the natural look more. But the past weeks i have found myself wanting to put just a bit color you know. A blush, some mascara or a pop of color on the lips.

    Oh and thank you for stepping by my blog, you are so sweet and i just really enjoy your blog. So happy i found you! Will be following you on bloglovin to keep up with future posts.Take care!

  3. Thanks Corina! I'm head over heels for your blog as well! Looks like the start of a great blogger friendship :)

  4. I love the makeup that Influenster sent you, and kudos to you on still keeping it mostly natural [:

    Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl

  5. Thanks! I'm really loving it too. Simple, soft, and sweet.


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